For those who think that truck driving is a one-dimensional job, think again.

With a trucking career at Swift, you'll be able to build a solid career with many different opportunities for growth, job stability and financial success.

Swift Drivers

There are a great variety of trucking jobs available at a company as large and diverse as Swift. Dry van, reefers and heavy haul are among the options for company drivers. In addition to what you drive, there are choices as to how you drive. You can drive solo or as part of a team. In fact, Swift currently has over 750 driving teams on the road. Our teams generally run long-haul freight, coast-to-coast or any other load that has to travel 1,000 miles or more. Some of Swift's most successful teams are husbands and wives who enjoy both companionship on the road and tremendous financial rewards.

Flatbed Drivers

Swift has a growing fleet of over 500 flatbed trucks and over 1,400 trailers, in a variety of trailer configurations, dedicated to our Flatbed Division. This division is becoming an increasingly important part of our overall operations and demands a special kind of driver with skills beyond those of traditional dry van driving. These drivers are required to have the physical abilities to secure and tarp loads. They will also be given extra training in tying down loads.

Dedicated Drivers

Once you've established yourself as a reliable, safe and courteous truck driver—generally after at least six months of continuous work—other opportunities will be open to you. This includes the chance to be part of a "dedicated" fleet. Working on a dedicated fleet allows you to haul loads for the same company (well-respected companies, such as Target, Home Depot and Wal-Mart) on consistent and predictable routes. It also means you'll enjoy consistently more time at home. As you can imagine, such positions are reserved for the top drivers in the fleet.

Swift Driving Academy

This is the place to start your career in trucking. Swift operates four Driving Academies around the country. Each offers a comprehensive course that will provide you with the skills and the confidence to become a valuable driver for the long haul. This will launch your career and enable you to take advantage of the following opportunities.

Mentoring at Swift

Truly exceptional drivers can move up to take on the role of mentor. A mentor is responsible for working with recent graduates from CDL schools and helping them become capable, confident truck drivers. Click here to learn more about how our mentor program can positively impact your career.

Owner Operators

Owner operators enjoy the satisfaction of working as a small business owner combined with the freedom of the open road. They can also experience exceptional income potential—into the six figures. Swift offers the freight network, terminal network, miles and service to make your time as an owner operator as profitable and enjoyable as possible. Swift has excellent lease-purchase programs that can get you into the newest Kenworth tractor with a very reasonable investment. Swift offers its owner operators generous discounts on fuel, insurance, tires and service.


As varied and rewarding as these career opportunities are, there is yet another world of professional growth that is available to you at Swift. With Swift's strong promote-from-within culture, exceptional individuals can even have the opportunity to advance within the Swift corporate world. Swift even provides tuition reimbursement to enable you to train for a career in any number of disciplines, including accounting, finance, human resources, logistics and sales. Starting as a driver will give you unique and valued insight into the operations of the organization. In fact, many members of Swift's senior management—including a past CEO—started their careers as drivers.

At swift, there is much more to a career in trucking than just being an excellent driver.

There is also a tremendous opportunity to impart your knowledge to the next generation of Swift drivers while enhancing your own earning potential. This is the role of a mentor.

Being a Mentor

A mentor is responsible for working with recent graduates from CDL schools and helping them become capable, confident truck drivers. Student drivers will spend 240 hours behind the wheel on a mentor's truck actually hauling loads, delivering freight and taking care of customers' needs.

The driver mentor role can be extremely rewarding. Mentors enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that he or she has equipped a new driver to begin an exciting and new career. The mentor will also enjoy increased earnings for taking on this important responsibility.

At Swift, the position of driver mentor is only open to those drivers who are the best of the best. Prospective mentors must complete an extensive mentor certification program. They must also be patient and possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

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